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As an artist, writer, photographer and naturalist, I enjoy any opportunity to photograph and sketch nature.  In fact, the more time I spend in nature the more I want to express what I see and feel through art.  Over the past thirteen years this inspiration has resulted in a variety of projects ranging from designing jewery to creating watercolor banners for the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

My art media include watercolor and wood burned art on hard shell gourds. Each of these media has something different to offer me in the way of creative expression and satisfaction.

Watercolor is alive with movement, making it an enjoyable medium that is full of surprises.  The intimate connection between my paint brush and the subject brings me even closer to nature as I try to create what I see and feel.

Gourd art is special in a different way because of the unique qualities of the gourd.  A hard-shell gourd is a natural work of art that provides endless possibilities for adding artistic embellishments.

With my jewelry projects, I create the design and collaborate with a trusted jeweler to cast the final product.  My customers tell me they recognize the same attention to detail in my jewelry that they find in my other art forms.

As the author and illustrator of the Tennessee Ornithological Society's Discover Birds Activity Book, I count this book as one of my most exciting accomplishments.

The book introduces children to the exciting world of birds with art and educational activities, including math, English, crossword, word puzzles, and more than 70 illustrations.  The content and activities were created in collaboration with community naturalists and educators.  More information can be found on my Discover Birds Activity page.

The activity book inspired the Discover Birds Program, piloted for the Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS) by the Knoxville Chapter. Visit my Discover Birds Blog to share in the fun of helping Tennessee's students get excited about birds.

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