Monday, March 5, 2012

Join Me! Bird Attitudes: Inspiring Art and Conservation

Join me,  Wednesday, March 7th, at the Knoxville Tennesseee Ornithological Society meeting (KTOS) for an evening of photos, art and stories as I show you how birds inspire my art and my passion for conservation.
Birds are funny, fun and fascinating.  From the top of their heads to the pads on their feet, a birds size, color and shape offer many clues into its life style and habits.   Add to that, the personality revealed through behavior and you have the inspiration for all kinds of bird-related pursuits, including advocacy and conservation.
Join me as I share my photography, art and stories, and show you just what inspires me to pick up my brushes and paint.

KTOS Meeting information--Wednesday evening, March 7th, 6:45 pm.


  1. I would certainly come to this presentation if I lived a little closer. I love that first photo. WOW. Love your limpkin sketch too.


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